Tourist visa

Ordinary tourist visa is issued to citizens of Cyprus, other states and persons without citizenship for a short-term stay in Russia based on a tourist acceptance confirmation issued by a Russian touristic organization that is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and has a tourist reference number.

A tourist visa is issued for the following purposes: 

  • tourism (visiting cultural events, excursions, sight-seeing)
  • short-term business negotiations
  • exhibitions, auctions
  • medical consultation or examination

In case if the tourist visa is requested to participate in business negotiations, exhibitions, auctions or to undergo a medical consultation or examination, the field "Purpose of visit" of a tourist confirmation should be filled in as "Purpose tourism". The validity period of such visas is determined by the number of days required to fulfill the purpose of visit, which is specified in a tourist confirmation.

A tourist visa may allow single or double/multiple entry to the Russian Federation. The below conditions should be respected: 

  • The maximum period of stay in the Russian Federation with a tourist visa is up to 30 days.
  • A double-entry tourist visa is issued to a foreign citizen only if according to the documents during the stay in the Russian Federation he/she plans to visit a third country and to return through the territory of the Russian Federation. In addition, a detailed travel itinerary should be included in the package tour description (or in the confirmation of acceptance of a foreign citizen issued by a host Russian organization).

Please note! 

Foreign citizens traveling on cruise ships and ferryboats that make a stop at Russian ports (Big and Passenger ports of Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Vyborg, Kaliningrad, Korsakov (Sakhalin Oblast), Novorossiysk, Sevastopol and Sochi) for no more than 72 hours can stay in Russia without a visa, provided that they live on board a cruise ship, ferryboat or at any other place indicated in the group tour program and the tour organizer has carried out all necessary procedures.

The following documents are required in order to apply for a tourist visa:

  1. A tourist confirmation issued by the Russian organization that provides tour operator services and is listed in the Unified Federal register of tour operators. This document must be issued on a single prescribed form "On the admission of foreign tourists", signed by the responsible person and bear a stamp of a Russian tourist company. If tourist services are provided by different tourist companies, tourist confirmations of every company should be provided;
  2. Passport with no less than 2 empty pages for visas, valid for 6 months from the visa expiry date;
  3. Electronic Visa Application Form, filled out in Russian or English, and printed directly from the following website of the Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry: (Please follow the instructions for the procedure, available at the above mentioned website, provided in Russian as well as other languages, including English). Citizens of Georgia and CIS countries must fill in the visa application in Russian. The Russian Visa center can fill in the visa application on your behalf.
  4. One passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm) clear photo in color taken full-face directly facing the camera and against a plain white or light-colored background. Only non-tinted prescription glasses and head covering worn daily for a religious purpose or as a part of national costume (in this case the same head covering must be worn in the passport photo) are allowed. At the Russian visa center you can opt for "Express Photo" service;
  5. Medical insurance policy valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and during the validity period of the visa, except for the mutual insurance cases. Medical insurance is accepted only in English or Russian languages.

In case you have two or more valid passports, please make sure there are no valid Russian visas in any of the passports before submitting your visa application. 

Please note! 

All applicants except for citizens of the Republic of Cyprus must submit their residence permits with a period of legal stay in the Republic of Cyprus exceeding 3 (three) months.

The Russian Federation Consular Offices may request additional visa documents, invite you for an interview or extend the time of visa issuing procedure.

You can also use our Postal service to submit your visa application by post. 

Rates and terms

All fees can be paid in CASH or BANK CARD (bank payment ~ 0.5-2.2% is additionally charged when paying with a bank card).

Personal checks and money orders - NOT ACCEPTED.

Consideration period Consular fee (for Cyprus and EU citizens)* Service fee (excl. VAT)** Logistics fee
(for Paphos,
Limassol and Larnaca)***
Single-entry visa
4-20 business days 35 EUR 30 EUR 50 EUR
1-3 business days 70 EUR 55 EUR 50 EUR
Double-entry visa
4-20 business days 35 EUR 30 EUR 50 EUR
1-3 business days 70 EUR 55 EUR 50 EUR
Multi-entry visa (for other categories of citizens (non-EU citizens), as well as stateless persons)
4-20 business days 35 EUR 30 EUR 50 EUR
1-3 business days 70 EUR 55 EUR 50 EUR

Transfer or restoration of a visa regardless of citizenship

Consular fee Service fee (excl. VAT)
31 EUR 30 EUR

Please note: 

*Visa processing fees and time schedules for the citizens of other countries and persons without citizenship are calculated according to “Consular fees of the consular institutions of the Russian Federation”. Processing time starts from the day the documents are delivered to the Consulate. In certain cases the Consulate can extend or reduce the processing time. 

** Additional service charges are not included in the service fee and are to be paid separately.

***Logistic fee

- Applicants who submit documents in Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos  pay a logistics fee of 50 euros for each passport. 

- Applicants applying in Nicosia are exempt from this fee.

Completing the Russian visa application form

The application form for a Russian visa should be filled out in electronic form on the website of the Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry:

At your request, we can fill out the application form for you at the visa center. This is a paid additional service worth 5 EUR for each page of the application form.

A separate application form must be completed for each applicant.

Dear applicants,

We would like to inform you that at the Russian visa application centers you can use the following additional (paid) services:

Please note!

  • Acquiring of the above mentioned services does not affect the procedure for consideration of visa application and does not guarantee issuing of visa;
  • The cost for provision of services is charged in addition to the service fee;
  • All the above mentioned services are provided only at your request;
  • Please, read about all the terms of providing these services before you start the procedure.